Studio 19 is the creative result of the collaboration of young professionals ready to spread their unconventional genes on the basis of an important know-how acquired over the years, a wealth of experience and continuing information, research and desire to give new forms to the imagination. A concentrate of energy and a healthy contamination by the virus of creativity, these are the characteristics that distinguish the team of Studio 19 ... an enthusiasm that is contagious, but at the same time it is able to involve people, to conquest and turn every desire in exclusive reality.

Our mission

It' s a real trademarked formula which carefully weighs passion for work, love for precision, the accuracy of the skill and the madness of creation ... for what purpose? Certainly to surprise! The mission is: start from a need and transform it into a desire in order to generate satisfaction. Work in progress? ... No! Creativity in progress!




Brand and Business Consultancy

Find the brand opportunities through a detailed market and internal/external company's potential analysis.

Media Strategy planning

Develop integrated communication plans, which combine different media, in order to reach directly the specific target.

Brand and Corporate Identity

Naming - Labelling - Logo Design - Planning of a coordinated image design - Packaging - Graphic and design creativity.

Advertising & Events

Graphic design – Copy editing – Operating advisory and event organization – Press Office – Acquisition, image, video and multimedia production – Web Marketing.


Pictures and video of take over companies – 2/3d Animation - Product Videos and Pictures and/or scene pictures and photos - Videos/Photos promotional services – Show reel – Spot – Billboard.


Internet websites – Web portals – E –commerce and database applications – Web Site Restyling – Optimisation – Page Indexation – Ad Campaign.


Born as a real challenge, F**k has succeeded in achieving its goal, breaking the combination that has always linked fashion with exorbitant costs and closing in this way the chapter of the impossible. It's the desire that turns into a product, ready to be worn, bright, colorful, eye-catching, sophisticated and unconventional. It's the story of a successful fighting spirit, of a challenge won with style, a magic formula for happiness, designed to slap the conventions, to overturn stereotypes and to usher in a new story… where everything is possible.










The new brand dedicated to a very young fashion victims who follow all the fashion trends and are perfect on every occasion. For true princesses, like the testimonial of the brand. Paris Hilton, an icon of style, the Queen of dj set, symbol of elegance, freedom, luxury and refinement. The brand manufactured and distributed by Genesi s.r.l. boasts of a huge collection which ranges from t-shirts to mini-dress, trousers, jersey and lively skirts with an exclusive design. Research and attention to finishing and precious details are the basis of the Paris Hilton's brand philosophy, a new line developed to not go unnoticed.













Rock and hi tech, this LUMI’ S soul. A mix of tastes and textiles that make up a collection like no other. The inevitable sweatshirt, enriched with inserts that make the difference. Printed t-shirt and for the most fashionable, applications that make them exclusive. The dark style with green, silver, saddle brown, yellow and leather touch is a must. Fit “easy to wear” to satisfy all customers. LUMI is thought to be the perfect look for any occasion and any venue, embracing contrast between tones and styles that are sewn into a single mood made of thousand reflections.




















The adventure called 4GIVENESS born from the mind of designers and founders of the brand. A brand that sums up its essence in one word: absolute freedom. Emotion in its purest state, adrenalin, adventure, that take shape through a living collection with a breathtaking personality. 4GIVENESS born from the desire to revisit the concept of fashion and to enhance it with singular features. Tasteful and sofisticated design with the aim of exalting each body, wrap it naturally in a decisive and chic mix. Fluid lines, which accompany curves, are defined in unique items with an edge. Designed to be worn with spontaneity and ease , they look beyond the concept of “outfit”, proposing a determined charm line.










The company covers a total area of 3000 sq. m. divided into three levels and in many sectors sorted by specialization. Style and Pattern Offices are involved in the research and design, that are the creative minds from which starts the company's impulses for the coordination of different production processes. Cutting and pressing for the production, large deposits for textiles and accessories and, finally, the administrative offices , responsible for the Company management and logistics. The company uses a lot of external laboratories quartered on national territory or abroad and, particularly, one in Romania and two in Albania to assembly products with a daily production capacity of 3000 pieces. Dedicated to a medium-high segment of the market, Mircam shirts are distributed by a detailed and functional distribution channel both nationally and at European and non-European market.






















Fashion soul beat, the new challenge from Italian Brands that gives a different rhythm to the catwalk and to the fashion-area. A Mc...-proof Brand, who blows up the DJ console and enjoy the whole crew. Its a movement that involves, excites and overwhelms anybody from the street, to the radio and tv. Slap-up streetwear, designed for young unisex people, with energic vitality, smartness and creativity... designed for those who live following the rhythm of the music and among the people by wearing confortable and stylish outfit, beating the passing of the time.

Not only a testimonial but a real crew made-up of successful artists ... several people.. but a single beat to make the audience jump and let loose. Ema Stokholma, Andrea Delogu, Club Dogo, Manuelito, Nitro, Ensi, Don Joe, Two Fingerz, Salmo... are just some artists ready to be a member of the 'So crew'. A project intended to the success with the ultimate music hits.












Passion, intellect, energy, appeal, determination and joie de vivre: this is SHIKI, the new brand created by the inspiration and creativity of the Daddato Group, a sharp mood, great character, synonymous absolute for fashion . Summary of business philosophy,SHIKI identifies the values and aspirations of the corporate, turning them into style to wear: the absolute centrality of identity, taste and esourcefulness. SHIKI, in fact, was created with the intention of giving a precise and not ephemeral identity to the female world and offers a complete line that evolves, then, in a new experience dedicated to the world of men. There is no difference in design and style, because SHIKI is not a passing trend but a concrete and design lifestyle, which is modeled on the personality of the wearer. Apparel man and woman, in fact, have the same taste, the same flavor, expressed in different forms but uniquely related to a unique fashion attitude . From the hottest gold features filtered by romantic designs, to sport glamour, finishing to rock elements but minimal at the same time, where the most important things are details, well- finished and exclusive. A leitmotif, a single thread, an uptodate philosophy that speaks a strongly contemporary language: a snapshot of a generational "status ".










Ethereal, timeless, a perfect balance between past and future, everyday life and design, these are the characteristics which identify Mariuccia Milano, the brand that puts his signature on garments made with precious wefts and accessories. Brand loved by celebrities, it has left its mark in the fashion sector thanks to its creativity, innovation and the unique patterns which turn "daily outfits" into something special and off the wall. Its sophisticated and elegant style is the result of a careful study on the female body and its characteristics, with the aim of highlighting the "woman" in every role and every moment of the day.










Dedicated to a unisex, young and gusty people, starts from a basic concept of design and simplicity and develops into a new line fully articulated in the forms and materials. Black colour is at the heart of the collection, as an icon of elegance, simplicity , sensuality metaphor and eternal symbol of rock. A line of seduction, research and symmetries that result in games of fabrics, stitching and materials. is beyond any logic of time and trends, which comes then go out of style, it's a way of being, a philosophy that becomes clothing and manages to balance different tastes, from the bold to the more romantic .










ERMAN has been active in the textile business since the early 90's and is today a modern and dynamic company which boasts creativity and innovation as its key strengths. Its passwords are: "Made in Italy", respect and care in choosing the materials, quality, attention to details and to all the production stages. Its facilities are technologically advanced and are provided with a professional staff. As a result, ERMAN has managed to integrate and stand out in the underwear fashion, conquering the home and foreign trade. The strict control of all the production stages - from design to creation, from manufacturing to selling - and the constant care for delivery times, which are always immediate and punctual, have made today's ERMAN a specialized and reliable firm. The know-how acquired over the years, in addition to passion, experience and creativity are the main characteristicsthat have contributed to achieve this important result. ROSSOPORPORA underwear, an owned brand, is the main pride of the firm. Inspired by the desire to interpret the Italian style, made of aesthetic research and functionality, it is today appreciated for its exclusive quality and style throughout Europe.


















Among the first to import a technique of application of Swarovski crystal, creating a very special effect which approaches to jewelery. Each piece is characterized by absolute luminosity and for the modern taste, anticipating, with the details, the fashion trends. They win in a few years an amazing media interest soon became a veritable must-have among the Italian celebrities. Luxuryfashion, love the elegance !

In 2013 they acquire their first apparel license, a capsule that will take the name of PRET À COUTURE. A collection composed by a limited number of garments characterized by elegant style and a strong fashion content. Based on a well-defined choice of fabrics, it ranging from sport materials, to the more technical fabrics, also used to create elegant dresses An all-Italian Made in Italy tailoring project , that gives strength and excellence. PRET À COUTURE is produced and distributed by DG GROUP srl.








coming soon...


After the important experience gained in the field of safety footwear, which has ensured a solid business placing both in terms of production and recognition, the Corporate has decided to give itself a challenge to increase its production with a fashion line dedicated to a wide and heterogeneous public that includes man, woman and kid (child). Premium and refined materials, revolutionary design and undiscussed comfort are the strong points of a collection which is going to break into street life catwalks. Shoes of the best quality, made to be worn and not "felt", a guarantee of comfort and longevity are able to foresee new fashion trends and to meet requirements of the most careful customers.









Arpex Bijoux, a new adventure in the world of accessories. Arpex, an important and historic company in Puglia, decided to launch on the market innovative and beautiful bracelets, entirely made in Italy, with colorful decorations ranging from animalier to optical, minimal, camouflage etc. But why just a bracelet ? Because a "simple bijoux" gets a unique touch, a particular that define your style and can tell a little more about who wears it. Bracelets, accessories with no season, give vivacity and brilliance to your winter outfit and adorn summer-shirt, especially if, like those conceived by Arpex bijoux, can be worn at any time of the day. Arpex jewels are experience that turns into style, fresh, young, entirely to be worn. Colorful, basic chic in design, they are dedicated to a young, dynamic and especially unisex public. Arpex Bijoux products stand out by their unique design, the excellent manufacture and the higher quality materials, strictly MADE IN ITALY, selected in order to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.










The study of international trends is combined with the elegance of the details which have always characterized the Italian fashion in the world. Soft canvas jeans, light cottons and trendy design: Blackjack 21 is the synthesis, for the man who wants to be original and bold with a touch of elegance. Black Jack 21 is the Made in Italy clothing that reflects the philosophy of Italian style and manufacturing: stylish, comfortable, fashion. Black Jack 21: ready to play?

























Born to satisfy and enchant VII Giorno is the brand dedicated to those who are able to look beyond, to those people who stand out of the ordinary canonic fashion to renew it and make it more attractive. Born as a real culture that makes the care of the detail its goal, focusing on the choice of sophisticated and highly innovative materials, combining them with a modern design and good taste, looking beyond the fleeting trends. VII Giorno is personality, it is not modeled but it blends completely with the mood of the people that weare it. Particular care is given to high quality textiles and fine finishes, the focus is on research and stylistic innovation to propose unique lines and clothes, out of the ordinary world and rigorously Made in Italy. A wide range of choice, dedicated to young people, it celebrates all trends typical of an inimitable generation. Simple but sophisticated at the same time, dazzling ... to be always noticed and appreciated, with great creativity.







Jeans are like fingerprints, different from each other. Holiday Jeans Company has always got us used to the innovation, collection by collection, each time expanding the boundaries of the term "originality". Always new details to continue to make a difference, details that combine the proven fit of the brand with a more sensual appeal. Holiday Jeans Company expands the boundaries of denim to embrace the exciting sinuosity of the fashion: the results are jeans and pants bold and passionate in their mood, exclusive garments with soft lines, a second skin to wear and show off as an unequivocal distinguishing mark.













Musa Gruppo Scuole is a real information network specialized in education and post graduate qualification and designed for private and public entities. Innovative and up with the times, devoted to education and refresh, it offers e-learning courses which permit participants to use the services, with no time constraints and according to the different needs and availability. The institute also offers academic preparation for the school-leaving certificate (for each course of study)with reference to the ministerial programs in use. Musa Gruppo Scuole permits the recovery of the failed school years (even during a year) and the specific recovery of subjects with personalized programs for any requirements. Why choose Musa Gruppo Scuole? Because it has been working in the field of education for over twenty years and has gained a fundamental experience. Because it instills in students the Musa methodology essential for studying. Because Musa Scuole is Education, Training, Research, Innovation.








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